Orlando Bloom
2013 Feb 22nd

Global Green USA hosts 10th Annual Pre-Oscar Party

Global Green USA hosted its 10th Annual Pre-Oscar Party featuring elite Hollywood activists ang environmentally minded celebrities. Guests enjoyed performances from seven-time Grammy Award winner Willie Nelson and his sons Lukas and Micah.

Film, TV and music stars such as Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerry, Helent Hunt, Emmy Rossum (Shameless), Ed O'Neil (Modern Family), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) , Ed Begley Jr. (Easy to Assemble) and Navid Negahban (Homeland) and many more were in attendance.

The event was sponsored by H&M, Chevrolet, Pureology, CoolHaus, Cade Estate Winery, Ehlers Estate, 360 Vodka, BlueAvocado and Turtle Island.

All proceeds from the star-studded event will benefit Global Green USA's efforts to build greener, more resilient homes, schools and communities in areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

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