Environmental Security and Sustainability

2012 Oct 31st

Green Cross Australia presents “Disaster Connect”

Green Cross Australia (Harden Up project) has launched a new tool to help protect and prepare communities from potential natural emergencies.  

Disaster Connect serves up social media commentary, from official agencies and community conversations, all in one place.  

People will be able to access the latest information about a natural disaster as quickly and easily as possible.

Harden Up – Protecting Queensland is a website developed by a group of people who are passionate about community safety and weather awareness.

The inspiration for this website came from Jeff Callaghen, a retired senior forecaster from the Bureau of Meteorology.  For many years Jeff has researched the history of Queensland's weather.  He has developed archives of thousands of historical events, many of which are logged in the Bureau of Meteorology's official databases, and some of which are researched from the archives of the State Library of Queensland, ship logs and other historical records.  This long list of events allow us to see patterns throughout our history. 

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