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2017 Jan 09th

Mario Soares

The Green Cross International family is saddened by this weekend’s passing of Mario Soares, former Prime Minister and President of Portugal. He was one of Green Cross’ most active and longstanding Board members, and was still part of the organisation’s honorary Board at the end of his life.

Soares was Portugal’s first constitutionally elected prime minister following the 1974 revolution, serving from 1976 to 1978, and twice more after that. During his time in office he oversaw Portugal’s entry into the European Union. In 1986 he became Portugal’s first civilian president since 1926. He was re-elected in 1991 and ended his mandate in 1996.

Joining the Green Cross International Board in the organisation’s first year, 1993, Soares remained until 2015. He then continued to serve as an honorary Board member.

Active in many international forums, Soares was also a member of NOTRE EUROPE (Paris); the Club of Rome; the Club of Madrid (Madrid) and the Fundación Cultura de Paz (Spain); the Club of Monaco; Club de Biarritz (Europe/Latin America Meetings); Patron of the International Ocean Institute (IOI); and member of the New Policy Forum (former World Political Forum).

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