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Green Cross national organizations in seven countries are this year marking 20 years of action to promote sustainability and security. The Green Cross national organizations in Switzerland, Russia, the United States, Japan, Sweden, Ivory Coast and the Netherlands were founded in 1994 and, since then, have promoted sustainability, security and environmental protection through scores of on-the-ground projects and advocacy campaigns.

Some 50% of declared Syrian chemical weapons have been destroyed, but the high-profile destruction process has faced delays and rising public concerns, particularly in the Mediterreanean region.

Chemical weapons expert Dr Paul Walker, Director of Green Cross International's (GCI) Environmental Security and Sustainability programme, discusses the progress so far, and challenges involved, with the UN-backed Syria chemical weapons destruction effort.

Dr Walker recommends rounds of intensive public dialogues in countries like Greece, Italy, Spain and elsewhere, where public concerns have heightened over the safety and security of the chemical weapons destruction process.

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