Our Interns

Green Cross International is fortunate to work closely with youth from around the world as part of our Internship programme. More information on Green Cross Internships is available here.


Name Date Educational institution Country Department
Ainhoa Rubiato since December 2014 University of Geneva France Green Star Awards
Juliane Buvelot since October 2014 University of Geneva Switzerland Communications
Ada Gabriela Miranda Moscoso since October 2014 University of Geneva Bolivia Administration, Communications
Sidney Leung October-Dec 2014 Boston University USA HQ Operations
Lindsey Gendron July-Sept 2014 Dickinson College USA Water
Gaëlle Crausaz June-Oct 2014 Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne Switzerland Administration, Communications
Daphne Andrews May-June 2014 Pepperdine University USA HQ Operations

Carole Apothéloz

March-June 2014 University of Geneva Switzerland Administration, Communications
Katy Orell Jan-March 2014 Webster University USA
Evan Ann Rizzo July-Sept 2013 University of Geneva Switzerland
Sam Sherman July-Aug 2013 Cambridge University UK
Lucille Tong July-Sept 2013 University of Edinburgh UK
Julie Duval May-Sept 2013 Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lyon France Communications
Veronica Czajkowska Mar-Sept 2013 University of Sussex UK
Chloe Gummer Mar-April 2013 Boston University USA
Stephanie Robbins Mar-April 2013 Boston College USA

Tom Hollis Myers

Jan-Mar 2013

University of Sussex


Kimberley Mees  Jan-Mar 2013 Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium
Thomas Gelsi Jan-Mar 2013 School of Oriental and African Studies UK
Chloé Deffet Jan-Mar 2013 Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium
Bryant Hua Oct-Dec 2012 Boston University USA
Nick Ziebell Oct-Dec 2012 Boston University USA
Cristina Chahine Sept-Dec 2012 HULT International Business School USA
Irina Arsenteva Sept-Dec 2012 Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Russia
Catalina von Hildebrand Sept-Dec 2012 Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands Germany,
Amanda Senger June-July 2012 University of Geneva Switzerland
Sharon Zalupski May-Aug 2012 Michigan State University USA
Diane Guerrier July-Aug 2012 L'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de LILLE France
Doria Scholaert April-Aug 2012 Pierre Mendès-France University, Grenoble France
Adrien Ranchon May-July 2012 Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne France
Lindsay Cherry March-April 2012 Boston University USA
Katherine Richards March-April 2012 Boston University USA
Maggie Fleming Oct-Dec 2012 Boston University USA
Dylan Riessen Oct-Dec 2012 Colby College USA
Ata Inungu     DRC
Ishrat Batool   European University Pakistan
Yana Nazarova July 2011-present University of Geneva Russia
Daniel Leader March-April 2011 Boston University USA
Hanna van Rossum Sept 2011-June 2012 Sussex University England
Catherine Alexis Oct-Dec 2009 Boston University USA
Sapho Briand June-Sept 2010 School of East Asian Studies England
Ladina Knapp   University of Geneva Switzerland
Benoit Briffod   Universite Pierre-Mendes France
Kyle Coulam March-April 2010 University of Vermont USA
Kevin Delaney June-Aug 2009 Villanova University USA
Alexandra Donovan Feb-April 2008 Hobart and William Smith College USA
Erin Donovan Sept 2005-Sept 2006 Boston University USA
Natasha Turner Dec 2007 Boston University  
Amber Finkbeiner May-Aug 2007 Michigan State University USA
Caitlinrose Fisher March-May 2009 University of Wisconsin-Madison USA
Ines Gerbault   University of Geneva Switzerland
Nhi Khoan June-July 2009 University of Southern California USA
Daniel Leber March-May 2009 Boston University USA
Lars Mallien     Switzerland
Timothy McCann Oct-Dec 2010 Boston University USA
Lena Meintrup May-Aug 2009 Michigan State University USA
Giovanna Chiodo Moire April-Sept 2008 Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva Switzerland
Kristina Moller Oct-Dec 2010 Wake Forest University USA
Heather O'Hara Oct-Dec 2010 Bucknell University USA
Sarah le Mesre de Pas   University Paris-SUD 11  
Kathleen Pritchard Oct-Dec 2008 Boston University USA
William Pons July-Aug 2007 Boston University USA
William Ramsay      
Michelle Regg March-April 2008 Boston University USA
Sara Santiago Sept-Nov 2009 Ohio State University USA
Elisa Tatham March-May 2011 Boston University USA
Taryn Turner      
Bradley Vanderhide     USA
Phioena Were March-Nov 2007 Makerere University, Kampala Uganda



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