Health care

Malformations. Cancers. Blindness. Weak immune systems. The health impacts of environmental disasters are many, which means the response also must be multi-faceted. Green Cross and its SOCMED programme delivers a range of health care interventions aimed at healing children, youth, families and communities affected by radiation accidents and exposure to dangerous chemicals. 

Therapy camps provide children with clean environments and vital treatment. The innovative Health for the Future programme provides a wide range of preventive and treatment services with a focus on people directly exposed to such radiation and chemical contamination, as well as the generations to come.

Green Cross provides medical treatment to children in the Chernobyl region and rehabilitation, prosthetics and other devices to youth with disabilities in South-East Asia.

Health for the Future
Treating children with limb malformations


What we do

Years after the reactor explodes or the poison is spread, the threat lingers on in communities, water sources and food chains. The Health for the Future project is designed to provide continuing medical servies for future generations of people exposed to such emergencies.

Children are the innocent victims of manmade disasters and need special care to help recover. Green Cross conducts a series of "camps" every year that support hundreds of children with health services as well as advice and information on how to adapt to and live healthily in contamined areas.

Children are among the most vulnerable people in emergencies, and the harm they suffer can have lifelong impacts. Green Cross helps children overcome these physical scars through a wide range of medical and rehabilitative services.


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