Pollution reduction, toxic waste cleanup

Green Cross works on both the prevention and reduction of pollution threats to health and the environment through capacity building and promotion of better practices.
Due to the global scale of pollution and the size of the challenge, work is done in collaboration with numerous partners including national governments, FAO, UNEP, WHO, UNIDO, the Blacksmith Institute, Milieukontakt International, the International Pesticides & HCH Association and others.

What we do

Work focuses on environmental contamination by the most relevant pollutants in terms of health impacts to people. Though these are not always acutely toxic substances their impact derives from their wide use in the economy and in some cases their high mobility in the environment. This includes substances like persistent organic pollutants (POPs), obsolete pesticides, heavy metals, and uranium.

While only limited funding is available for environmental clean-ups, little is known about the location, type and size of polluted sites on a global scale and their impact on human health and the environment. Thus it is also difficult to prioritise the available funds based on relative risks.


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