Renewable Energy

While many developed and expanding economies consume ever-increasing amounts of fossil fuels, over 1.3 billion, or 20% of the global population, live without access to electricity.

Green Cross works to address this imbalance by advocating for the fair distribution of energy to ensure renewable power sources are available to all.

Activites include promotion of energy efficiency technologies, promotion of renewable power technologies and participation in high-level events. 

What we do

The Global Solar Report Card by Global Green USA and Green Cross International outlines successes and failures in 16 countries’ (and the state of California’s) efforts in designing promising policy frameworks for sustained solar development. It finds all countries still in the early phases of solar deployment.

The ranking is based on a 100-point system that allocates points for the amount of solar installed so far, as well as for drivers of future growth, including financial and regulatory incentives, and educational and advocacy efforts.


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