Partner list

Green Cross International partners with civil society organizations, governments, UN organisations and the private sector to fulfill our mission across the interconnected challenges of security, poverty and the environment. We believe collaboration between all sectors is essential to achieve lasting change and a sustainable future for our planet and the Human race.

Ateliers de la Terre (The Planet Workshops)

The Planet Workshops, an international forum for sustainable development, is an interactive platform dedicated to the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices, gathering key decision makers who want to implement a sustainable agenda in business and society.

Pax Arctica

The Pax Arctica Initiative was created to promote awareness of the threats facing the Arctic regions, to convey a global message of peace and to support the introduction of new ecological regulations for the Arctic region. Adventurer and explorer Luc Hardy leads this initiative.

Water and Climate Coalition

The Water and Climate Coalition seeks to achieve its vision through bringing together stakeholders from across the global water community to promote progressive and integrated water and climate change policy on an international level.

The Global Fire Monitoring Center

The Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) and Green Cross International are cooperating in assisting nations and international organizations to build and enhance preparedness of local communities to prevent the occurrence of wildfires and to reduce the adverse impacts of wildfires on the environment, human livelihoods, health and security.

Green Belt Movement

The Green Belt Movement was founded in 1977 by the late Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai. Collaboration between Green Cross Sweden and the Green Belt Movement started in 2005 on efforts to promote Sustainability, Peace and Security in Rift Valley, Kenya.

World Culture Forum

The World Culture Forum is committed to the establishment of a healthy balance between the six facets of our culture, defined as: science, art, politics, religion, economics and media. Following two symposia in November 2007 and October 2009, the aim is to establish the Forum as a regular international event.

World Academy of Arts & Science

The World Academy of Art and Science is composed of 650 individual Fellows from diverse cultures, nationalities, and intellectual disciplines, chosen for eminence in art, the natural and social sciences, and the humanities. Established in 1960 by distinguished individuals concerned by the impact of the explosive growth of knowledge, its activities seek to address global issues related to the social consequences and policy implications of knowledge.

The Art of Living

The Art of Living: A Practical Guide to Being Alive is a not-for-profit organization, based in Barcelona, Spain, dedicated to providing the leading internet portal for people from all over the world to share their thoughts and experiences on those aspects of being alive which we all have in common.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Green Cross has partnered with WWF since 2006 to promote international legal instruments promoting cooperation between States over shared water resources. Green Cross and WWF have worked hand in hand in many countries where we attempted to raise awareness about instruments such as the UN Watercourses Convention.

Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

The OPCW is the implementing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention, an international treaty which bans the development, production, stockpiling, transfer and use of chemical weapons, and also stipulates their timely destruction. The OPCW's inspectors monitor and verify the inactivation, and later destruction or conversion, of all declared chemical weapons production facilities, as well as the destruction of declared chemical weapons stockpiles.



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