Our Board

Sergei Baranovsky


Sergei Baranovsky is a leading scholar in the field of ecology, an academic of the Russian Ecological Academy of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and author of numerous articles, monographs and articles on various aspects of environmental problems. He has been President of Green Cross Russia since 1999.



Martin Bäumle


Martin Bäumle is the President of Green Cross Switzerland and was elected in 2013 to the Green Cross International Board of Directors as the representative of Green Cross Switzerland.




Shoo Iwasaki


Shoo Iwasaki is the founding president of Green Cross Japan, which was among the inaugural group of Green Cross national organizations to be formed in 1994. Shoo Iwasaki is a former Nishi Nippon Broadcasting Co. announcer and a graduate of Chuo University in Japan.



Ashok Khosla


Dr Ashok Khosla, a leading international expert on the environment and sustainable development, was elected to the Green Cross International Honorary Board in 2013. Since 1983, Dr. Khosla has been Chairman of Development Alternatives, a social enterprise headquartered in New Delhi, dedicated to global, national and local sustainable development.



Dominika Kulczyk

Dominika Kulczyk, founder and President of Green Cross Poland, has rich experience in management and supervisory boards as well as in running foundations – including Kulczyk Foundation, a philantropic organization cooperating with NGOs to support voluntary service in developing countries.




Alexander Likhotal

Alexander Likhotal.jpg

Serving with Green Cross International since 1996, first as Vice President before becoming President in 2000, Alexander Likhotal was born in Moscow, 1950. In 1991, Alexander was appointed Deputy Spokesman and Adviser to the President of the USSR. He remained with President Gorbachev (after his resignation) as his adviser and spokesman and worked at the Gorbachev Foundation as the International and Media Director.



Mubarick Masawudu


Mubarick Masawudu is a development planner and a social entrepreneur. He is also the Founder of Green Cross Ghana. He has developed quite a number of social projects some of which include the Smart Water for Green Schools Project, GCI’s flagship water project. His aspirations is to help alleviate poverty and to foster peace in Africa.



Elio Pacilio


Elio Pacilio is an Italian environmentalist who founded Green Cross Italia in 1998 and is its president. As the representative of Green Cross Italia, he was elected to the Green Cross International Board in 2013.




Ernst von Weizsäcker


Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker is former Dean of the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara and the Co-President of the Club of Rome.




Candidate Member:
Faride Tirado


Faride Tirado represents Green Cross Bolivia as a candidate member of the Green Cross International Board.