1-week course: Capacity Building for Sustainable Development in Costa Rica

When: 20-24 January, 2014Earth Charter

Location: Costa Rica

“Are you an educator or do you work in the education field? Is sustainability important to you or your community, school, organization, or company? Join other educators for a one week intensive program which will provide you with ideas, resources, and skills for implementing Education for Sustainable Development [ESD] in your work environment.”

Under the framework of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Chair on Education for Sustainable Development with the Earth Charter and the United Nations Decade on Education for Sustainable Development, this programme offers an opportunity to deepen understanding on the role of education in fostering a culture of sustainability.

The programme introduces the concept of sustainable development and its implications for education, learning, and change. It explores practical methods for introducing the values of sustainability, in a holistic and integrative approach, to schools and classrooms.

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