Green and Inclusive conference calls for new economic thinking

The need for holistic, cooperative solutions was a recurring theme of the Conference for a Green and Inclusive Economy on 6-7 October in Geneva.

“We do know how to find integrated solutions,” said Professor Mohan Munasinghe. “The problem is weak leadership. If we wait for PMs and Presidents to find solutions, we will be lost. We are looking now for bottom-up action. And we’re getting much more results at that level, more than at the top.”

Professor Ivo Slaus agreed: “The world we live in now is ‘the worst of times’, because we are in a terrible situation, but this is also ‘the best of times’, if we can make use of the inventiveness and scientific knowledge that we have access to today. As Corinne Lepage said, all these things we have done to ourselves, and it is for us to take ourselves out of it.”

This conference, hosted by Green Cross International and the State of Geneva, was a great success, drawing some 1,200 people to sessions over the two days and giving them the opportunity to hear presentations from highly inspiring speakers who shared their thoughts, visions and expertise on environmental issues and solutions.

An initial web recording of the full conference was made, and can be viewed here:

Day 1

Day 2

A high-quality video, including separate interviews with speakers as well as the sessions themselves, will be available shortly.