18th International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development: Rio+20

Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

The latest edition of this annual conference, held by Green Cross Russia and Green Cross International, is marking the June 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Conference aim:
To assess progress and development of shared visions and goals of environmental education for sustainable development and education after the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20).
Education as an issue is not included in the Rio+20 agenda, but harmonization of socio-economic and environmental development is only possible throughthe formation of a new type of thinking based on understanding the inseparable unity of biosphere and humanity.
This problem can be solved only through education and awareness aimed at the ideals of sustainable development.
Educators must provide learning on the relationship between people, environment and development, to align their activities with an environmental imperative.
The most important element to developing a stable society is the development of human kind itself, including spiritual and life values, responsibility, respect for cultural diversity, and how people can contribute to improve the quality of the environment.
Key issues to be dealt with at the Moscow-held International Education for Sustainable Development Conference will be:
– A new educational paradigm and priorities in environmental education for sustainable development;
– Innovations in the organization, implementation and dissemination of environmental education for sustainable development;
– Opportunities of the civil society to educate socially active and “responsive” citizens, as a driving force in building sustainable societies;
– Mechanisms of development of international informal partnerships on education for sustainable development at the level of representatives of civil society.
Conference sections:
1. Education for sustainable development after Rio+20 (heads Mamedov N.M, Marphenin N.N.)
2. Social projects in local communities (heads Nazarenko V.M., Vitagliano M.)
1. “Intelligent Energy”, and public education (heads Chumakon A.N., Senova O.N.)
2. The strategy of international informal partnerships in the field of environmental education for sustainable development (heads Guiiarro Xavier, Shakirova Т.А.)
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