2 Months Away: Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

Venue: CICG

Dates: 19-23 May, 2013

Beginning on 19 May, the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction,  a biennial discussion forum for information exchange and development dialogues regarding disaster diminution, will launch its fourth session since its founding in 2007. Organized by UNISDR, the UN office of International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, the Global Platform for Disaster Reduction will foster discussion between government actors, NGOs and civil society, international organizations, academic institutions, and representatives from the private sector on how best to approach current disaster problems and threats, as well as appropriate means to share the responsibility for relief.

Continuing along the path established by prior Global Platform meetings, the Fourth Session will continue to focus on the discussion of present disaster risks, as well as hopefully establishing new alliances for the development and use of new technology and practices used to mitigate economic stress in disaster risk reduction.

The Fourth Session of the Global Platform will be held in Geneva at the International Conference Centre from Sunday 19 May to Thursday 23 May 2013. Sunday 19 May will be reserved for a preparation day. Monday 20 May will be a day for innovative dialogue.

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