With an outstanding track record and international reputation in the field disaster management, Mary Comerio, Professor of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley (USA) is a Green Star Award recipient in the Individual category.

Professor Comerio’s primary focus for last 25 years has been seismic safety for housing and post-disaster recovery. Her research on the costs and benefits of seismic rehabilitation for existing buildings has been widely published and she is an internationally recognized authority on post-disaster reconstruction.

Most recently, Professor Comerio has gained recognition for her work in the area of post-disaster reconstruction following the earthquake in Sichuan Province, China in 2008, and the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

She provided invaluable advice on UNEP’s post-disaster engagement in China, specifically with regard to evaluating new sustainable building prototypes developed by the UK-based private enterprise Broad Air. In Haiti, she advised UN early recovery teams on the challenges related to damaged structures.

Professor Comerio is the author of numerous publications on post-disaster recovery, including: Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Cultural Goods in Buildings, Innovative Techniques and Materials for Conservation and Protection of the Cultural Heritage Proceedings: First International Conference Nanotech for Architecture, Palermo, Sicily (2009); Estimated Downtime in Loss Modeling, Earthquake Spectra (2006); Can Buildings be made Earthquake-safe? SCIENCE, Vol 321 (April 13 2006); and Disaster Hits Home: New Policy for Urban Housing Recovery (1998).