TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering, a USA-based company established in 1984, is being recognized with a Green Star Award in the Organization category for its contribution to the response to environmental emergencies through its work on hazardous waste issues.

TerraGraphics, together with the University of Idaho (USA), have launched the International Environmental Health and Restoration Initiative, a joint Research and Development project with the intent of promoting  and implementing the adoption of environmental clean-up methods used in the USA in hazardous waste sites in developing regions.

The Initiative provides financial and technical assistance to site assessment and characterization, the development of community support groups, and preliminary clean-up design activities. Conceptual plans are used to support funding applications for clean-up activities to be implemented at the local level in participating countries.

The Initiative is currently working with international NGOs to develop a systematic process for site characterization and an international funding source for clean-up of legacy sites adversely impacting children’s health.

TerraGraphics, in partnership with the Blacksmith Institute, have also created a global database of toxic waste sites to determine the extent and severity of waste management issues in under-developed regions. This effort was undertaken in collaboration with the federal Centers for Disease Control and the Harvard University School of Public Health.