2013 Green School Makeover Competition launched

Green Cross International is delighted to announce the 2013 launch of Global Green USA’s Green Schools Initiative. Schools across the United States are encouraged to submit their school for the Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition!

In the last ten years, Global Green USA has been helping to build green schools and to help existing schools become greener. Primarily in New Orleans and California, the Green Schools Initiative aims to create “showcase green schools” and decrease the carbon footprint of existing schools.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Global Green assisted the educational system to create healthier, and more energy efficient classrooms. Not only does this have a positive effect by reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment, the initiative helps save money for school districts and raises awareness about ecological challenges amongst students, teachers and parents alike.

The values of “greening schools” are numerous. In addition to the obvious benefits of reducing carbon emissions, the Green Schools Initiative on average reduces water use by 32%, creates green jobs, increases teacher retention and contributes to protecting the health of children, particularly from respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Furthermore, the money saved by becoming eco-friendly can then be used for textbooks, computers and teacher salaries. In providing an environmentally sustainable place for children to learn in, Global Green USA also helps to “create an opportunity to improve the health and educational settings for all students, regardless of income or background”. Many schools in the US are still equipped with anachronistic facilities such as improper ventilation, poor lighting and inefficient energy usage, Global Green have been working very hard over the last decade to rectify these problems.

The work done by Global Green USA over the last ten years in creating sustainable, green, financially and physically healthy school environments has helped over 55,000 students and teachers, not to mention the environment.

If you want your school to become green, find the entry form here.

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