Youth for a Green Future join 23rd Year of Therapy Camps for Children

Youths from the Green Cross therapeutic camps on stage in a play about the Earth Charter – the piece was shown in Uster, Winterthur, Zurich, Bern, Wimmis and Thun.

Zurich, 25 July 2018

The fifth international therapeutic camp was launched this week, in parallel to annual therapeutic camps organised in several Green Cross partner countries.

This therapeutic camp, whose motto is: “Discovering the World”, is financed by the Movetia Foundation and supported by the Swiss Confederation. From 23 July to 10 August, 55 young people aged 14 to 17 from Moldova, Italy, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Belarus, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Switzerland will participate in the Green Cross Uster and Wimmis therapeutic camp.

The programme includes the development of a theatre project about environmental pollution directed by Eugeniu Matchovschi, from the national Moldovan theatre, Theatrul Satiricus. The play is based on the Earth Charter and touches upon the carelessness with which human beings treat the environment. The show will be presented at the following dates and times:

  • Monday, 30 July at 17:00 in the café “8610 im Stadtpark”
  • Tuesday, 31 July at 18:00 in the Market Square (Marktplatz) in Winterthur
  • Thursday, 2 August at 17:00 on the Gemüsebrücke Bridge in Zurich
  • Friday, 3 August at 12:00 in the Place du Grenier (Kornhausplatz) in Bern
  • Monday, 6 August at 19:00 in the Aula Hall of the Chrümig school in Wimmis
  • Wednesday, 8 August 2018 at 16:00 in the Manor Square (Manorplatz) of Thun

Young and old alike are invited to these performances. Entry is free.

The therapeutic camps involve various intercultural activities, such as sports, environmental education, and building communication skills. In the workshops, the campers discuss topics such as the 2030 Agenda, recycling, and renewable energy. They also get the opportunity to learn about the situations of other countries relating to these topics. Key themes of the Green Cross therapeutic camps include the management of daily radioactivity exposure, learning about the effects of radiation on humans and the environment, and coming up with new perspectives for the future. To this end, for example, the campers visit the Juckerhof Discovery Farm near Lake Pfäffikon to pick berries. This activity illustrates how the pectin fibres found in fruit can be used as a natural method to absorb radionuclides within the body. During the camp, the young people also benefit from a medical and psychological check-up. The levels of radioactivity within their bodies are assessed at the beginning and end of the camp.

The campers learn how to strengthen their immune systems through proper meal selection and preparation, physical activity and therapy, and by strengthening their home-skills. For many participants, the camp is a unique opportunity to meet young people of the same age from different countries and cultures. Previous camps have shown that many new friendships are born from these experiences.

This year’s therapeutic camp in Switzerland, which the Movetia Foundation has funded in order to promote cultural exchange, is the result of Green Cross Switzerland’s Social Medical (SOCMED) programme. SOCMED is dedicated to health and education. Green Cross Switzerland has welcomed children and young people to participate in these four-week therapeutic camps since 1995, and separate camps are also held in preserved and uncontaminated areas of Moldova, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Medical and psychological support, as well as a balanced diet for the duration of the camp, allows the campers to strengthen their immune systems and reduce the level of radioactivity present in their bodies by up to 80%.

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This report was originally posted on the Green Cross Switzerland website.