#2gradiesto: Green Cross helped young Italians deliver appeal to COP21 delegates

Ermete Realacci, who represented Italian deputies in Paris during the inter-parliamentary session of the Cop21, and Catherine Colonna, the French Ambassador to Italy, had some extra support behind them during the conference. At the start of the event, they were presented by Green Cross with over 4,000 messages from young people to the world’s leaders. These citizens and students called on the representatives of 195 countries meeting in Paris for the UN climate conference to embrace the cause of the “No More Than 2” (2 Gradiesto) association, seeking a global, binding and verifiable agreement to hold global warming below two degrees. Many messages were shared through tweets using the hashtag #2gradiesto.

Posting rap songs, videos on global warming, poems and pictures taken during the march for the climate, Italians supported the 27 to 30 November web campaign with Green Cross to make their voices heard at the opening of the conference and ensure a fair and sustainable future for the new generations.

We are starting from a better situation than in previous years” said President Realacci before he left for the French capital. “This time big countries like China and the USA are also involved, which previously was not the case. However, there is a need to translate this into definite and verifiable commitments. Surely, Paris can only be a first step and much will depend on the pressure of public opinion and the choices to change made by citizens.”

The Italian Green Cross expressed solidarity with French Ambassador Catherine Colonna and encouragement for her country to reach a successful conclusion of the Summit in Paris, where other Green Cross staff and volunteers were present and organised a series of events. Green Cross is one of the organizations carrying out tree planting projects connected with Belgian-Tunisian artist Naziha Mestaoui’s 1Heart1Tree initiative, which illuminated the Eiffel Tower with projections of electronic trees every night from 28 November to 3 December. This campaign allowed anyone, through a “1Heart1Tree” app, to donate a tree to combat deforestation while creating their own personalized electronic tree to include in the light show.

Every single one of our actions, whether large or small, when added to millions of others can truly change the world,” said President of Green Cross Italy Elio Pacilio. “Today it is important to be united, and to defend the planet from a climate change that will endanger future generations.”

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