32.000 students participate to Green Cross Italy Earth Charter Youth Contest

A little theatre with puppets, made with old pieces of cloth, plastic bags, cardboards. And a vertical vegetable garden conceived with plastic bottles. There are board games and carnival masks, trendy accessories, necklaces, bracelets and fashionable handbags. In classrooms from all over Italy, turned into laboratories of reusing, recycling and recreating, children shape objects, toys, jewels and small or great pieces of artwork. As shown by the great participation to the Italian Earth Charter Youth Contest, an environmental education initiative promoted by Green Cross Italy, with the collaboration of the Italian ministry of education and the support of the Italian mineral water brand “AcquaLete”, when environment is calling, the first to answer are students. This year, competitors had to focus on the waste theme, the title: “Da cosa (ri)nasce cosa” which could be translated by “By things (re)born things”.

An outstanding attendance from the youngest: about 20.000 very young students out of a total of 32.000 competitors. The under-12 generation is therefore the most prepared and committed to save the earth. A fact that, on the eve of the World Environment Day, which we will celebrate the 5th of June, brings hope for environment future.

The watchwords for this 22th edition: Manual creativity. Thanks to recycled materials such as paper, bottle tops, pieces of cloth or cans, kids and children gave birth to funny characters and animated their own stories, while also avoiding the deposit in dumps of new wastes. Leading Italian regions for recycling, according to the number of schoolswhich participate: Latium, following by Marche, Tuscany and Piedmont.

Reducing wastes in our houses, beginning with everyday ones, is the best way to celebrate the World Environment Day – states Green Cross Italy president Elio Pacilio-. In this matter, students are the true protagonists because very often, it is them who teach their parents virtuous behaviours which they learn at school and who actively participate to environmental education projects such as Earth Charter Youth Contest”.

And if for primary school kids, learning to recycle became a game, for secondary school students it was the opportunity to learn the 4 R philosophy: Reducing, Recycling, Reusing and Recreating.

Earth Charter Youth Contest – adds the Green Cross Italy education project Manager Patrizia Pallarait is an eagerly awaited appointment for students and teachers, who are involved each year to accomplish, elaborate and tell us their direct commitment in the territory. The cash award we will give to the winners will allow to value even more children creativity and to invest on their future in order to make the environment better”.