4th Global Baku Forum: “Towards a Multipolar World”

From 9 to 11 March the Nizami Ganjavi International Center in Baku will host the 4th Global Baku Forum: “Towards a Multipolar World”, to discuss the ongoing decentralization of power in today’s world.

Green Cross International President Alexander Likhotal will be moderating a debate session called: “Shifting from an unequal, divided world to a sharing society”.

The Key Trends and Issues discussed during the Forum will be:

A) Global insecurity and security: ISIS and terrorism, conflicts, Syria, Ukraine;
B) Regional dynamics and challenges: Iran, the Caspian region, Syria, and the wider European region;
C) Economic vitality and inequality, decline of the West and consequences of serious global economic hardships;
D) Climate change and energy policy: the role of oil producing countries;
E) Multiculturalism, Interfaith Dialogue and integration in a connected world.