4th Petra Conference addresses energy and climate change

The fourth Petra Nobel Laureates Conference was held in the ancient city of Petra on May 15 and 16, 2008. Under the title “Building a Better World”, the conference convenes international figures and Nobel Laureates from around the world to discuss and propose solutions to global crises. The annual meeting is sponsored by King Abdullah II Fund for Development and the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity with the aim of promoting international understanding and peace between nations in the Middle East. International figures and key thinkers reflected on a list of related global crises beleived to affect the stability in the Middle East, notably the situation of the energy sector, climate change and water access. This year, Green Cross International contributed to the discussions on renewable energy and water access, proposing long-term strategies to foster sustainable energy utilization worldwide.

In a gesture to promote the use of solar energy in the Middle East (the region with the greatest source of renewable solar energy on the planet), participants of the Nobel Laureates Conference toured the international centre for research (SESAME) in Salt City near Amman. Today, the world trends in energy consumption worldwide are an issue of environmental security and stability as resources become increasingly scarce and contribute to climate change. Therefore, the supply of clean and secure energy is in urgent need while energy solutions are critical to the future development of humankind. Another main topic of the meeting was the education sector in the Middle East with emphasis on how to incresae educational opportunities for youth in the Middle East and overcoming the information deficit.

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