5th In My Homeland Children’s Drawing Contest begins

Green Cross Belarus has launched the 5th edition of the In My Homeland International Children’s Drawing Contest, which is open until the end of the year. The contest encourages children worldwide to depict their homeland.
A painting from the 2008 In My Homeland Drawing contest

This year, the children are being given free reign in deciding their topic. Submissions can depict anything that the young artists believe composes the image of their land, such as legends, landscapes, pets, family, locations or rural life. In honour of the 5th year of this programme, a special category has been created. In this category, young artists can submit horizontal drawings related to the book the Coloured Lands by English writer Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Works on this topic will be used to create a film based on Chesterton’s book with plans to show it at the 2010 International Conference on Art and Creativity and at the opening of the final exhibition in Belarus.

A jury made up of professional artists, art magazine editors, and art teachers from several countries will award first, second and third degree diplomas in various age groups ranging from 4 to 18 years of age. These paintings, along with those awarded exhibition participation diplomas will make up the 5th International In my Homeland Children’s Art Exhibition. The works will be displayed on the Green Cross

In My Homeland Art Exhibition

Belarus online gallery (www.greencross.by) and www.children-art.org as well as in exhibitions at Belarusian and international galleries. An art album with reproductions of the works displayed in the exposition and a full list of all the winners will also be created. Furthermore, a number of other contest diplomas and teacher’s awards will also be given.

Last year 12,073 works from 22 countries were received with 95 young artists being awarded gold, silver and bronze medals. In addition, a further 414 children received International Art Exhibition Diplomas, 1,242 children received Diplomas of Contest and more than 2,000 children received personal ‘Thank-you’ letters from the Organizing Committee. Furthermore, 104 teachers received special diplomas and 503 of the top art pieces were complied in an art album. The exhibition of last year’s entries opened at the Belarusian Parliament at the start of October. Furthermore, mobile exhibitions are currently travelling in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
The art contest is organised by Green Cross Belarus with the Ministries of Education, Culture, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus. The contest seeks to spread ecological awareness and conservation among both children and adults, encourage the discovery of nature’s beauty and build ties between the world’s youth. Since its inception, “In My Homeland” has involved over 12,000 teachers, and 43,000 children and youth from 27 countries.
Contact information for Vladimir Shevtsov, President of GC Belarus
  • Email: gcb@greencross.by
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