Abolishing Chemical Weapons: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities

Dr. Paul Walker, director of the Green Cross/Global Green Security and Sustainability Programme, recently penned an article in Arms Control Today concerning the progress of the destruction of chemical weapons throughout the world as a result of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) Treaty.
Titled “Abolishing Chemical Weapons: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities,” the article takes a detailed look into the history of chemical weapons, the lead-up to the ratification of the CWC treaty, the progress made by the state-parties to complete destruction of chemical weapons by 2011, and the challenges posed by nations who have not signed the treaty, yet are believed to be holding chemical weapons stockpiles.
As the disarmament of chemical weapons is often overlooked by nuclear and biological arms discussions, Walker’s article brings an important focus to an issue that has seen a large measure of success in the post-Cold War era. Of the 72,000 metric tons of chemical weapons stockpiles declared by CWC nations, over 46,000 metric tons have been destroyed (as of October 2010), and three nations, South Korea, India and Albania, have destroyed their entire stockpiles.
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