Acqua for Life awarded Prix d’Excellence Marie Claire 2015 / Mexico & Latin America

Acqua for Life, the humanitarian partnership between Giorgio Armani and Green Cross, was awarded the Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté 2015, on 25 March, by Marie Claire as the Social Responsibility Project of the Year for Mexico and Latin America.

The purpose of the award is to recognize the social responsibility projects implemented by international brands with local positive impact.

“We are very glad that the Acqua for Life initiative has been acknowledged for the transformational change it is bringing to communities,” said Marie-Laure Vercambre, Green Cross’s Water for Life and Peace Programme Director. “This award is also the recognition of a five-year-old collaboration between Giorgio Armani, a famous designer and prestigious brand, and Green Cross, an NGO implementing projects on the ground. Working closely with Giorgio Armani’s teams has brought us quite far and we are greeting this award as we start implementing 2015 projects.”

Since 2011, Acqua for Life has provided over 530 million liters of clean water to nearly 80 communities, in seven countries and on three continents, with sustainable facilities.

Find out about Acqua for Life’s impact and get involved on (international site) or (latin America). Marie Claire Mexico and Latin-America first implemented this prestigious award more than eight years ago.

Brands rewarded in the past have included L’Occitane, due to their fair trade products and their support to local communities; and MAC, with their Viva Glam project to help fight against HIV/AIDS in local communities. This is the first time a l’Oréal brand has been recognized and celebrated as a major Social Contributor in Latin America.