Acqua for Life Challenge raises over 43 million litres of water

The Acqua for Life Challenge, a collaboration between Green Cross International and Giorgio Armani, has raised over 43 million litres of water in support of Green Cross International’s Smart Water for Green Schools project in Ghana.
The results of the Campaign were announced today at a press conference in Milan with Giorgio Armani, GCI President Alexander Likhotal, GC Italy President Elio Pacilio and GC Ghana President Mubarick Masawudu.
From 1 March to 31 May 2011, every bottle of Acqua di Gio and Acqua di Gioia, two of Giorgio Armani’s fragrances, sold generated a donation of 100 litres of drinking water. A unique code on each carton allowed people to double their donation by creating their own Acqua for Life community on the Facebook Acqua for Life fan page. Then, each new member of their community generated a new donation of 10 litres of water, and each “like” and/or “comments” within the community, 1 litre.
The outcome surpassed the goal of raising 40 million litres of safe drinking water for communities in Ghana. This allows the project to be expanded to 16 communities. The Acqua for Life Challenge 2011 has already benefited 10 communities, all located in the Eastern region of Ghana. The six other communities that will be helped are located in the Volta Region.
A total of approximately 27,000 people living in 16 communities will thus have access to safe drinking water. Out of those 27,000 people, approximately 3,500 will be children who will enjoy a safe water supply while at school. This will increase the children’s school attendance. In addition, 200 professors will also benefit from the installations. At the end of the project’s implementation about 110 community members – predominantly women, masons and mechanics – will be trained to maintain and refurbish the systems, ensuring their optimal and sustainable utilisation.
“The Acqua For Life Challenge will indeed go a long way to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of the populations benefiting from the water systems that are being constructed. This project is not only timely but also crucial to the citizenry leaving in water poverty,” said GC Ghana President Mubarick Masawudu.
Water is the basic ingredient of life and a requirement for health, education and development.  Yet safe drinking water is one of today’s key challenges. One in eight people on the planet do not have access to a secured source of safe drinking water. Globally, diarrhoea is a leading cause of illness and death. 4000 children under five perish every DAY because of unsafe drinking water, inadequate availability of water for hygiene and lack of access to sanitation.

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