Acqua for Life finishes building water system in Senegal school

Green Cross Italy and Acqua for Life recently finished building a new water system for students at Collège CEM 2 de Richard Toll in Senegal.

Green Cross Italy and Acqua for Life worked with local companies to build a surrounding wall, repair the crumbling ceilings, and install a water system. Now, a new water tower, toilets, and public sinks ensure that students have reliable access to clean water and facilities, so that they can stay healthy and focus on learning.

The school wrote in a Facebook post: “Le CEM 2 de RICHARD TOLL n’était pas clôturé, aujourd’hui il l’est, le CEM 2 était dans une situation de manque d’eau criard, aujourd’hui l’eau coule à flot.” (CEM 2 was not fenced in, and today it is; we were in a situation of severe water shortage, and today the water flows in abundance.)

Most of the 1,750 students at CEM 2 come from the poorest rural areas in the region. The school itself, located right beside a national highway, had no protective wall surrounding it, meaning that strangers and stray animals often wandered in, causing distractions. Even more disruptive was the lack of water or toilets – students had to relieve themselves behind the buildings, at risk of catching or spreading illness. A single fountain occasionally provided some water, but it was generally unfit for consumption.