Actress Rhona Mitra joins Global Green to inspect Gulf oil spill impact

Actress Rhona Mitra joined Global Green USA on 11 July to see the impacts of the BP spill. Mitra met with Plaquemines Parrish President Billy Nungesser and discussed the opportunities for embracing a clean energy future for the region before getting on a boat to witness the oil soaked coastline and ongoing cleanup efforts.

After the tour, Mitra and Global Green staffers discovered a small oil-soaked bird and called the wildlife rescue hotline and left the bird in the care of some locals who are helping rescue oiled wildlife.
Mitra is currently shooting the TV show “The Gates” in Shreveport, Louisiana and said, “I’m embedded in the Louisiana community and I’m in awe of their resilience.” She joined Global Green to help raise awareness of the spill and help the public understand the enormity of this disaster as well as the need and opportunity to invest in cleaner and greener energy solutions and local sustainable choices that can improve the lives of people throughout the Gulf region.
Global Green, already active in the Gulf following Hurricane Katrina, is responding to the Gulf oil spill. Global Green President Matt Petersen has called on President Obama to not only hold BP accountable for the cleanup and restitution for all economic impacts, but to also invest in the creation of a $2.5 billion dollar independent foundation to oversee investment in a clean energy, sustainable future for the Gulf.
Global Green opened a New Orleans office shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf and is collaborating with environmentalists, community developers, the Recovery School District, urban organizations, and others to create the building blocks for a climate friendly, model sustainable city for the 21st century.
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