APRIL 1, 2014

In April 2014, Green Cross does not only celebrate its 21st anniversay but also the 20th anniversary of seven founding Green Cross National Organisations !

All of them – GC Japan, GC Russia, GC Switzerland, GC Ivory Coast, GC Sweden, GC Netherlands and Global Green USA – are very active in Green Cross’ five different programs: Water for Life and Peace, Environment Security and Sustainability, Value Change, Social and Medical Care and Smart Energy.

For instance, GC Ivory Coast is thoroughly involved in the Water for Life and Peace program in its country implementing safe-drinking water and sanitation systems in rural areas. GC Swden is collaborating with the Green Belt Movement in Kenya to bring peace and security through environmental restoration. For Environment Security and Sustainability, Russia helped the destruction of chemical weapon stockpiles. The Green Lane Diary Program in Japan was a project implemented to educate children to become environmentally responsible. This is part of Green Cross’ Value Change program. Netherlands is also actively participating to the Value change program teaching children universal principles about environment found in the Earth Charter.  GC Switzerland is providing social and medical care to people and countries suffering from the consequences of environmental disasters. In line with the Smart Energy program, GC Russia developped ground-breaking economical biogas method and Global Green USA builds green homes and green cities.

Those are only a few of so many on-going projects of the seven founding GC national organisations. A big thankyou to all the people who made this possible through their hard work during 20 years and congratulations to the seven GCNOs’ for their 20th anniversary ! On this occasion, several Green Cross flags will be hoisted on the Mont-Blanc bridge in Geneva, Green Cross’ Headquarters, from the April 14 to April 21, 2014.

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Green Cross International’s 21st anniversary and seven founding GCNOs’ 20th anniversary

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