Water for Life and Peace

2012 Mar 20th

Green Cross Pakistan: Waste water no longer threatens Kasur

The tanning industry is big business in Pakistan. One of the places the tanning industry is concentrated is Kasur, near the Indian border.The industry has recently boomed in Kasur, and has become the livelihood for most of the 350,000 residents. However, because of this, 9000 cubic metres of waste is discharged daily in Kasur. With much of the waste entering waterways ; and the rest forming pools of stagnant water, from which an odour rises and hangs over the town. People are now aware that this water, laced with toxins, is unsafe : yet they still have to use it. Furthermore, the toxins seep into crops watered from polluted sources. Green Cross Pakistan and its partners from the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, have treated the contaminated water, employing the technique of Biosorption. Almost 1500 people have now benefited from this kind of wastewater treatment. Residual traces of the toxins are no longer found in the foodchain.


Contact information for Masood Ul-haq, Green Cross Pakistan:
  • Email: environmentpk@yahoo.com

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