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2012 Mar 20th

Opening of the International Art Contest ‘In my Homeland’ in Belarus

Opening of the International Art Contest 'In my Home land' in Belarus After consecutive successes for this International Art Contest, Green Cross Belarus is proud to announce the opening of the 2008 ‘In my Homeland’ children’s art contest, the idea behind which is to make children more aware of the world in which they inhabit. Globalisation has given rise to migration that disconnects people from their homelands. People move all over the world and gradually loose their roots and responsibilities to their homeland, thus the aptly named art contest was born.

Volunteers assemble art submissions from children around the world for the "In my Homeland" Contest in Belarus. / photo: GC Belarus.

Volunteers assemble art submissions from children around the world for the "In my Homeland" Contest in Belarus. / photo: GC Belarus.

The 1st and 2nd Contests were a huge success and involved more than 15,000 drawings from 12 countries. 4,000 kids were awarded special diplomas; and 8,000 received personal thank-you letters from the Organization Committee. More than 1,000 drawings were displayed at different public exhibitions, with entrees posted in an online-gallery on the GCB website.
The proposed topics of the 3rd International Contest ‘In My Homeland,’ 2008, are:
•    A picture of myself                                                                                                                 
•    A drawing of my home
•    A typical day!
•    Nature’s beauty from season to season
•    Conveying my thoughts
•    My Heroes – The salt of the earth
70% of participants will be awarded in one of the following ways:
•    Winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place diplomas, for each of the six age groups (ranging from 4 to 21)
•    Diplomas of Participants in the International Art Exhibition (500 awards)
•    Diplomas of Participant of the 2008 Contest (800 awards) 
•    The best art studio 
•    The best art studio teacher
•    The majority of other participants will receive personal ‘Thank-you letters’ from the Organization Committee.
The best paintings will then be posted on the Green Cross Belarus online gallery, and displayed in a series of both national and international exhibitions.
For further details of the contest, and for details on how to enter, please contact Vladimir Shevtsov:
Tel: +375 17227 5780 or +375 17227 7954
Green Cross Belaruus website:

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