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2012 Mar 20th

Post-conflict rehabilitation in Northern Iraq

Green Cross Switzerland in collaboration with Société pour les peuples menacés commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the Halabja massacre in Northern Iraq. The town of Halabja in the Northern Iraq region is home to Kurdish communities, which have been victim of the negative environmental and social consequences of Saddam Hussein’s genocide campaign, mainly as a result of the use of illegal chemical weapons. Today, Halabja and surrounding areas are characterized by poverty, lack of infrastructure and paralyzed economic and social development as a result of prolonged conflict. 

During the tribute meeting, Green Cross announced plans to support efforts of the local WADI e.V organisation to strengthen efforts to educate, counsel and rehabilitate mothers and families in Halabja through targeted activities. The local efforts supported by Green Cross consist of providing basic infrastructure and counselling to help local inhabitants cope with the long-term consequences of chemical weapons, poverty and prolonged conflict. A radio station will soon be initiated as a medium for outreach and counselling programs. In parallel, project teams will deliver social and medical assistance to women and affected families in Halabja and the surrounding region, including human rights and gender equality awareness programs. One of the core activities of the program is to educate and empower women in their daily lives. Finally, support will be delivered to the communities affected by the environmental and social consequences of chemical weapons in order to help cope with the disaster and reduce exposure to chemical contaminants still existing in the environment. 
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