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2012 May 11th

Green Cross operates innovative electricity-producing biogas project near Moscow

The Green Cross Russia-implemented biogas project, located on a cattle farm near Moscow, is generating electricity through one of the world’s most efficient, environmentally friendly and low-cost methods.

Green Cross assembled the facility during 2010, and on 25 June 2011 the biogas project was inspected and formally endorsed by the Russian Academy of Agricultural Science, including the Academy’s president.  

This patented “Green Cross Method” for producing electricity relies on the burning of a mixture of biogas composed of C02 and methane, which are removed from cattle manure by a fermentation process. Burning these harmful greenhouse gases offers an effective means to combat climate change and global warming. Any leftover material is converted into organic fertilizer.
Plans are underway to build a larger pilot biogas facility using the same approach during 2012, which would generate larger amounts of electricity.  

More information on the work of the Green Cross network can be found in our Green Cross 2010-11 Activity Reportt.



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