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2013 Nov 13th

November, 2013

2013 marks Green Cross International's 20th anniversary, and the support we have been receiving to mark this milestone has been humbling, and gratefully received. In September we staged, in collaboration with partners like the City of Geneva and the UN, a wide range of events to spur an urgently needed dialogue on the challenges that our civilization is facing.

In the weeks since this celebration, the Green Cross global network has continued its vital work to change values, implement practical solutions in communities around the world, and promote measures to protect the environment and, in turn, ourselves.

I hope you enjoy this latest edition of the Green Cross International Newsletter, as we recap our 20th anniversary highlights, and celebrate the actions for humanity of our global network. Alexander Likhotal

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Green Cross International Newsletter – 20th anniversary, Network Actions
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Celebrating our history, looking to the future

Paul Garwood
Director of Communications
Green Cross International

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