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2014 Feb 25th

Solar Impulse features blog by Green Cross President Alexander Likhotal

Green Cross International (GCI) is collaborating with the Solar Impulse initiative for its 9 April launch of its new solar-powered airplane that will embark on an around-the-world flight in 2015.

Solar Impulse, Green Cross, GCI, Alexander Likhotal, Bertrand Piccard, Mikhail Gorbachev, renewable energyThis collaboration promotes sustainability and the power and feasibility of green, renewable energy for a clean future.

"Actions from one organization alone cannot change the world. We must work together," says GCI President, Alexander Likhotal, in a statement posted on the Solar Impulse website. "Awe-inspiring initiatives like Solar Impulse show people that it is possible to dream about a future driven by clean, renewable energy."

Read more about what Mr. Likhotal has to say about the future of green energy and the cooperation between GCI and Solar Impulse by checking out the Solar Impulse blog

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