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2014 Jun 18th

Green Cross honoured with “Vigne des Nations” award

Geneva, 18 June 2014 – Green Cross International and its network of national organizations in 30 countries has been awarded the 2014 “Vigne des Nations” by the Canton of Geneva in recognition for its commitment to addressing security, poverty and environmental degradation through advocacy and local projects.

Hosting the European headquarters of the United Nations, as well as numerous international organisations and NGO’s, Geneva has a long history in international diplomacy and is recognized as the “cradle of multilateralism". Every year since 1995, the Canton of Geneva honours one prominent Geneva-based organisation hosted for their role in reinforcing the international vocation of Geneva.  This year the “Vigne des Nations” prize was awarded to Green Cross International.

This award recognises GCI’s commitment to addressing security, poverty and environmental degradation through advocacy and local projects. As a sign of recognition for the organisation’s long-lasting work, the Geneva authorities have dedicated to GCI one lot of its wine yards for 2014.

 “The necessary ingredient of wine is nature first of all,” said Green Cross president Alexander Likhotal in his address at the ceremony. “This is the agenda of the Green Cross. And that is why we feel this price is very symbolic. We consider this recognition a great honour for our organisation.”

“Green Cross is engaged in favour of the environment and a sustainable development,” explained Luc Barthassat, State Councillor of Canton Geneva.  “The wine yards around Geneva belong to the most renowned ones in Switzerland, and our canton still remains focused very much on agriculture despite its limited surface area and the size of its population,” he concluded.

Some 170 guests and representatives of public authorities, as well as members of GCI and several Green Cross national organisations attended the ceremony held in Bernex in the surroundings of Geneva.


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