2016 Nov 09th

Moroccan Environment Minister affirms importance of water to climate talks

Hakima El Haite, Morocco’s Environement Minister and Climate Champion for Morocco, opened Water Day at COP22 affirming that water is central to discussions about climate change.

“When you don’t have access to water, you don’t have access to food security,” said El Haite. “You don’t have access to health, because of the diseases associated with unclean water; you don’t have access to stability, due to water-based conflicts and migration; you don’t have access to dignity.”

For years, Green Cross International has been calling for greater inclusion of water issues in climate discussions.

“This is a first, and a victory for water advocates,” said Marie-Laure Vercambre, Green Cross International’s Water Programme Director, who was at the event. “This paves the way for better integration of water into the climate framework and finance.”

Minister for Water Charafat Afilal then delivered the message of the #ClimateIsWater campaign (which Green Cross and its partners have pushed forward) to the packed house on the morning of 9 November. Go to to learn more about the campaign.

Charafat Afailal, Minister for Water, Morocco

Charafat Afailal, Minister for Water, Morocco

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