2016 Nov 22nd

Jean-Michel Cousteau’s call for action following COP22

Jean-Michel Cousteau, Green Cross International Chairman, called on the world to move forward more quickly with lowering carbon emissions, and supporting adaptation and mitigation, as negotiations at COP22 came to a close.

“By ensuring a transition to ecologically sound economies, we have the opportunity to create millions of jobs – jobs that cannot be ‘de-localised’,” said Cousteau. “And in this way the human species can show itself capable of taking the necessary measures to save itself. Act now, do more and do it more quickly. There is no time to waste!”

Green Cross International hosted two conferences over the two weeks of COP22: a panel discussion on Green Economies for Sustainable, Resilient and Prosperous Communities and a screening of Luc Hardy’s film “The Pursuit of Endurance.”

At the panel discussion, Green Cross France and Territories Director Nicolas Imbert was joined by Sarah Dobson from Earth Charter International, Maina Sage, Deputy from French Polynesia, and Dina Ionesco from the International Organisation for Migration.

Hardy’s film was followed by a discussion on edu.cating people about polar issues, with Jessica Hung-Ju Chiu from the Green Cross Information Office in Taipei (the Environmental Quality Protection Foundation) and Sarah Dobson.

“Polar environments are on the frontline of climate change, being affected more quickly than other regions,” said Hardy. “They are crucial to understanding phenomena that occur in other parts of the planet.”

Many of GCI’s partners, including several that contributed to the Green Cross ‘The Future We Want’ photo exhibit, displayed throughout the COP, were also present. One of these was ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability. Their Secretary General, Gino van Begin, spoke with Green Cross about his organization’s priorities.

“I would hope that when countries are discussing how to implement their Nationally Determined Contributions, that they will include local governments and cities from their countries in their plans,” said van Begin. “We have to make adaptation plans, resilience plans, in particular at the local and city level, because that is where the centres of population are.”

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