2017 Sep 06th

Joining Hands For A Better Tomorrow

Throughout September 2017, Green Cross International (GCI) was delighted to present the sixth edition of “The Future We Want” Photo Exhibition, which was displayed along the Quai Wilson on Geneva’s scenic lakefront.  Last year’s edition of the exhibit was presented first at the United Nations in Geneva and then traveled to COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, in a special display for leaders and decision-makers. The 2017 Exhibition – under the theme “Joining Hands for a Better Tomorrow” – once again showcased projects run by GCI and its partners that help advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) around the world.

Sustainable development aims to meet human development needs without compromising the ability for nature to thrive and provide resources, while preserving the ecosystems upon which human society depends. The projects featured in the 2017 Exhibition emphasized community development – through education, agriculture, business and infrastructure, for instance – as well as the use of renewable resources to improve livelihoods, provide clean energy, enhance water and food security, and build sustainable and resilient societies.

GCI believes in the need to protect and preserve life on our planet, and contributes to sustainable development through its mission “to respond to the combined challenges of security, poverty and environmental degradation to ensure a sustainable and secure future”.

“The Future We Want” exhibition gives us a snapshot of efforts being made to advance SDGs on all continents. The aim is to bring together ideas and encourage initiatives for creating a more sustainable world, whilst keeping future generations in mind. The 2017 edition provided an inspiring welcome to the GCI General Assembly, which met in Geneva in the days following the Exhibition, and the organization warmly thanks the City of Geneva and all exhibition partners.

All 60 images featured in the 2017 Exhibition can be viewed in the gallery below.

Looking down the Quai Wilson – 6 Sept 2017

GCI FWW Exhibit 2017 flyer GCI FWW Title Partners_Panel 01R GCI FWW Beras Basah Island_Panel 01V GCI FWW GC Belarus_Panel 02R GCI FWW Ocean Sole_Panel 02V GCI FWW Manta_Panel 03R GCI FWW GC Burkina1_Panel 03V GCI FWW Salton Desert_Panel 04R GCI FWW Salton Climate Change_Panel 04V GCI FWW GC Burkina2_Panel 05R GCI FWW FSC Peru Ucayali_Panel 05V GCI FWW FSC Congo_Panel 06R GCI FWW GC Burkina3_Panel 06V GCI FWW FSC Congo2_Panel 07R GCI FWW FSC Congo3_Panel 07V GCI FWW GC Italia Senegal_Panel 08R GCI FWW FSC Indonesia Waterman_Panel 08V GCI FWW GCHRAGD_Panel 09R GCI FWW GC Italia Senegal2_Panel 09V GCI FWW ICLEI Bicycles_Panel 10R GCI FWW IFRC Ethiopia_Panel 10V GCI FWW GC Senegal3_Panel 11R GCI FWW IFRC Zimbabwe_Panel 11V GCI FWW IOM Papua New Guinea_Panel 12R GCI FWW GC Sweden Peace Trees_Panel 12V GCI FWW ISO City Bikes_Panel 13R GCI FWW ISO Climate Change_Panel 13V GCI FWW GC Sweden Peace Festival_Panel 14R GCI FWW Luc Hardy Shifting Coasts1_Panel 14V GCI FWW Luc Hardy Water Pitchers_Panel 15R GCI FWW GC Sweden Peace Soccer_Panel 15V GCI FWW GC Sweden Green Belt Kenya_Panel 16R GCI FWW PEW Penguin_Panel 16V GCI FWW PEW Seal_Panel 17R GCI FWW GC Sweden Kenya Women_Panel 17V GCI FWW Race for Water Boat_Panel 18R GCI FWW Solar Impulse_PAnel 18V GCI FWW GC Ukraine SOCMED_Panel 19R GCI FWW SWISSAID_Panel 19V GCI FWW UNDP Electric Cars_Panel 20R GCI FWW GC Ukraine Summer Therapy_Panel 20V GCI FWW UNDP Haiti Mangroves_Panel 21R GCI FWW UNDP Turkmenistan_Panel 21V GCI FWW GC Ukraine Mother Child Club_Panel 22R GCI FWW UNDP Mumbai_Panel 22V GCI FWW UNISDR Japan_Panel 23R GCI FWW GC Ukraine Therapy Camp_Panel 23V GCI FWW UNISDR Cambodia_Panel 24R GCI FWW UNISDR Philippines_Panel 24V GCI FWW GCI Vietnam_Panel 25R GCI FWW UNISDR Guinea_Panel 25V GCI FWW WCC Water_Panel 26R GCI FWW GC Italia Agricuture Energy_Panel 26V GCI FWW Webster Eco Village_Panel 27R GCI FWW Webster Eco Village2_Panel 27V GCI FWW Transboundary Water_Panel 28R GCI FWW Webster Eco Village3_Panel 28V GCI FWW Webster Eco Villlage4_Panel 29R GCI FWW GC Italia Senegal3_Panel 29V GCI FWW Webster Eco Village5_Panel 30R

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