2017 Oct 05th

General Assembly of Green Cross International, Geneva:
GCI representatives are pleased with the successful reorganisation

The General Assembly of Green Cross International opened with a welcome speech by Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Lakota and Natural Rights Advocate, who was engaged as radio correspondent at Standing Rock. In her speech, Princess Elikonida Silvia Yourievsky emphasised the importance of finding solutions to the global water shortage. The talk of scientist Professor Federico Mayor Zaragoza of Spain was also very well received. Ultimately, it was agreed that Green Cross is needed more than ever, because the interrelated global challenges, such as safety, the fight against poverty and the destruction of the environment require efforts of advocacy at the highest level as well as local and regional projects.

Sixty-three representatives of the national Green Cross organisations from 22 countries took part in this year’s General Assembly of Green Cross International (GCI) in Geneva. The programme included the adoption of the 2015 and 2016 annual reports. In addition, the 2018 budget and the financial plan up to 2023 were adopted, along with the new regulations for the contributions paid by the national Green Cross organisations to the GCI umbrella association. The members of the Board of Directors were also elected.

Additional new members were appointed to the Board of Green Cross International and were unanimously approved and elected by the General Assembly. Martin Bäumle, who was elected interim Chairman in February 2017 by the members of the Board, was confirmed as Chairman of the Board of Green Cross International, which was met with applause from the General Assembly.

As has been the practice in the past, the steering committees discussed the five GCI programmes on the following day. Green Cross International has focused its activities on five global programmes and the related projects are carried out by the national Green Cross organisations. The programme Water for Life and Peace is headed by Marie-Laure-Vercambre from GCI’s Geneva office. Maria Vitagliano from the office of Green Cross Switzerland in Zurich is in charge of the international Social and Medical Care programme. The programme Environmental Security and Sustainability (previously Legacy) is under the leadership of Paul Walker, USA. The strategies and the management of Smart Energy and Environmental Education will be realigned to make the programmes more effective.

For further information, please contact
Chairman Martin Bäumle at telephone no. +41 79 358 14 85.

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