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Students of Corropoli, Province of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy

Today, on 22 March,Green Cross Italyrenews its“Save the Drop” (Salva la Goccia) campaignfor the sixth year, on World Water Day. On this occasion, the “Sustainability Olympics” is being launched to encourage more efficient ways of saving water. Students, families, citizens, municipalities are participating in this anti-waste challenge to set a new water-saving record and to […]

[Roger Williams (centre) holding the Green Drop Award. Next to him is Maria Paula Fidalgo (left), a Brazilian actress and activist who served as master of the ceremony, Suzanna Amado (far left), organiser of the Green Film Festival and Élio Pacilio (far right), President and Founder of Green Cross Italy, accompanied by filmmaker Harold Crooks […]

Green Cross Italy operators explain to the communities the new planting techniques. Credits: Elena Seina – Tafzion Prod / Green Cross Aisha has two children, which she has to raise by herself since her husband has emigrated and there has been no further news of him. She is now able to feed her children and […]

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