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[Photo credits: Alexxx1979, Valaam. Lake Ladoga P7170203 2200, CC BY-SA 4.0]   The environmental challenges facing the Ladoga Lake and its tributaries were discussed last May in Moscow at a conference co-hosted by Green Cross Russia’s North West office and the Leningrad Regional Government. It was noted that pollution stemming from industrial, agricultural and utility […]

© Marina Shangina and Dolphin Embassy   On 18-19 November 2017, a series of events took place to commemorate Dolphins’ Day. North West Green Cross Russia’s team member, Yulia Afanaseva, coordinated and managed the project alongside the Dolphin Embassy and the Bookvoed Bookstore amongst others. Part of the sixth Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum, this […]

In a recent webinar hosted at the World Meteorological Organisation, Ms. Vercambre, Director of GCI’s Water for Life and Peace programme, joined a panel of experts who introduced and discussed the latest developments of the 1997 United Nations Watercourses Convention, and Cooperation on Transboundary Water Resources (UNWC). The webinar, part of a Distance Learning Course […]

Ongoing construction of the water tank tower. Once completed, the height of the tower will be 15 meters from the ground, and the tank will provide 46,000 liters of water per day for 230 households. In a remote village in the Polonnaruwa District of the North Central Province of Sri Lanka, construction work on infrastructure […]

  Water for Life and Peace Pushing for an Enhanced Global Water Architecture The international community adopted a Sustainable Development Goal dedicated to water in 2015 and is now assessing the relevance of a global water architecture, that would strengthen frameworks at all levels to achieve SDG6 and to better preserve, share and manage the […]