Bringing water to a billion one bottle at a time

Whole World Water will be the first organization to unite the hotel and tourism industry to provide safe, sustainable water to communities in need.

Building on the fact that many hotels and restaurants already supply tap water for guests in reusable glass bottles, the Whole World Water campaign takes that money and energy saving initiative one step further.

Businesses wishing to participate in the campaign are asked to supply an initial upfront fee which covers the cost of Whole World Water reusable glass bottles and a visit by a qualified professional to ensure a properly filtered tap water system.

A percentage of each Whole World Water bottle sold will be kicked back to the Whole World Water fund with the goal of raising 1 billion dollars to help eradicate the issue of unsafe drinking water.

Using a platform built on media moguls as well as a transparent and simple message, Whole World Water has already gotten many of the world’s most prestigious hotels to participate in the program.

Give a little, get a little.

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