Build It Back Green is a global movement in response to the growing impact of natural disasters on communities around the world. In the US it has successfully educated over 22,000 New Orleanians on green building and energy efficiency and has participated in over 200 community events, helping residents learn about reducing their utility bills through energy efficiency. Build it Back Green in Australia is helping Victorian communities recovering from the Black Saturday bushfires to build their homes back in an affordable and sustainable manner.

Build it Back Green – USA, New Orleans

Through Build It Back Green’s website, Global Green is offering a comprehensive directory of green products and where to find them, information on how to take advantage of some of the statewide and federal incentives for green building, and other useful green building tips and advice. The program hosts workshops tailored to specific neighborhood needs, and encourages community use of both the Global Green Resource Center on Carondelet Street and the Holy Cross Project’s entirely sustainable Global Green House in the Lower 9th ward. Global Green hopes to educate and motivate those looking to not just upgrade their homes to be more energy-efficient, but to also be more storm resistant.

Build it Back Green – Australia

In Australia, the Build it Back Green Bushfires website was set up following the Black Saturday bushfires. It’s core green building tool is an interactive online tour of a specially designed bushfire resilient home that allows users to roam through gardens, kitchens, bathrooms and lounge rooms to access practical information, vendor lists, Victorian and Federal Government sustainability websites and comprehensive rebates and green finance options.