Burkina faces worst floods in 90 years

On 1 September 2009, Burkina Faso endured 263 mm of rain in 12 hours. The Ouagadougou was flooded. Green Cross Burkina Faso joined other NGOs in evaluating the damage following the torrential downpour.

According to the Burkina Faso Meteorological Department, this was the worst rainfall in 90 years. The Government reported that an estimated 150,000 people had been displaced and 8 died. Basic infrastructure such as roads, hospitals and agriculture had been damaged.
In response, the government assembled a crisis counsel to mobilize the necessary rescue services. Shelters had been set up at schools and other public places to house the displaced.
GC Burkina Faso listed a number of negative impacts. These include :
– Damage to the physical and economic infrastructure, adding financial burden
– Sanitation risks, including diarrhoea, typhoid, dysentery, malaria, cholera, etc.
– Malnutrition, especially children
– Delays to the start of the school year on 15 September
– Temporary and/or long-term unemployment
– Less crops
To mitigate the effects of the flooding, GC Burkina Faso made a number of recommendations, which included the following:
– Dissemination of food and medical supplies
– Education support for children (scholarships, school supplies, clothes, etc)
– Circulation of mobile teams to educate citizens on sanitation
– Distribution of mosquito nets to families to prevent malaria
– Final support to families to rebuild homes and agriculture

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