Children are the innocent victims of manmade disasters and need special care to help recover. Green Cross conducts a series of “camps” every year that support hundreds of children with health services as well as advice and information on how to adapt to and live healthily in contaminated areas.

Green Cross provides children affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe with health and social care, clean environments and positive support through therapy, education and exchange camps, such as the European Union-sponsored Youth In Action initiative.

The Green Cross camps have been helping improve the physical and psychosocial health of children living in ecologically hazardous regions of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.Trained staff and medical practitioners carry out detailed clinical and laboratory examinations, along with psychological and psychometric studies, of children. They design individual rehabilitation plans for each child for the whole year. Conventional and non-conventional methods of therapy, including aromatherapy, are used within the camp programmes.

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