Canadian Brass band celebrates the Earth Charter

On Thursday July 10th, the world-famous Canadian Brass performed at the Catharina church in Eindhoven, Netherlands to mark the opening of the Earth Charter exhibition organized by Green Cross Netherlands. Mayor of Eindhoven Rob van Gijzel attended the concert and delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of the Earth Charter and the launch of the “Seeds of Change” exhibition organized by Green Cross Netherlands. Dedicated to the Earth Charter and the Millennium Goals, the performance of Canadian Brass was a great success and was met with acclamation from both music fans and public alike. Their performance was concluded with an original rendition of The Beatles’ “Penny Lane” tune followed by the Dutch national anthem much to the appreciation of the audience.

The informative “Seeds of Change” Earth Charter exhibition presented by Mark Lambregts of GC Netherlands successfully reached out to music lovers and the general public about the principles and application of the Earth Charter today. When asked about the importance of the Earth Charter in society, Mark Lambregts answered: “the Earth Charter is a set of guiding principles to encourage individuals to make a difference in protecting our planet and human rights. It is intended for all cultures and societies to adopt a more universal perspective about the environment in which we live in to protect our planet for future generations to come.”
The beautiful Catharina church will continue to host the Earth Charter exhibition until the end of August. In addition, famous Dutch landscape photographer Wim van Passel showcases his photography on the theme of nature (click here to view).
The virtuosi of Canadian Brass have made the brass quintet an exciting vehicle for concert music. The quintet, having just celebrated its 35th season, has a long history of recording classical repertoire. They have a special affinity for Baroque music, which requires the brilliance and musical structure that has become the Canadian Brass’ trademark. Their more than 60 recordings to date include works by Purcell, Vivaldi, Gabrieli, Pachelbel, Beethoven and Wagner — all in meticulously crafted transcriptions that are setting new musical traditions in brass performance. They are especially drawn to the works of J.S. Bach.
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