Green Cross Japan’s Green Lane Diary Project

Green Cross Japan implemented an environmental education project for school children in 2020. Despite the difficulties posed by the global pandemic, the project has been a success and will continue into 2021. Japanese student filling out her workbook for the Green Lane Diary There is no denying that COVID-19 brought challenges to getting this project … Read more

With support from the Japanese government, the fourth Sri Lanka Water Project begins

The signing of a contract for a grant from the Japanese government signified the start of the fourth joint water project between Green Cross Sri Lanka and Green Cross Japan. Since 2015, Green Cross Sri Lanka (GCSL) and Green Cross Japan (GCJ) have teamed up to complete water supply projects in three different areas of … Read more

Green Cross International Celebrates Diane Meyer Simon as New Chairperson

  As Global Green and Green Cross International Celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Global Green Founder Diane Meyer Simon, takes on role as Green Cross International Chair.   Switzerland, (July 1, 2019) — Following several months of discussion by the Green Cross International (GCI) Board of Directors, Diane Meyer Simon will assume the chair of Green … Read more

Diane Meyer Simon follows Martin Bäumle as Chairperson of Green Cross International (GCI)

Diane Meyer-Simon takes over the chairmanship of Green Cross International from Martin Bäumle as per 1 July 2019. Martin Bäumle will resign as Chairman but stay on the Board of Directors of GCI. At the same time, Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker will resigns as a board member of GCI. Martin Bäumle became Chairman … Read more

The Shoe Project in Kenya


GCI Project: Smart Water for Green Schools The Shoe Project is a collaboration between Green Cross Japan,Green Cross Swedenand theGreen Belt Movement (GBM)in Kenya, which distributed some 1,000 shoes to children and youth in the Rift Valley, last Febuary. The Shoe Project was made possible through the generous support Mr Shoo Iwasaki, President of Green … Read more

Mining Project Threatens One of Europe’s Most Important Water Reservoirs: Lake Vättern in Sweden


Press Release – 28 August 2018 The Swedish authorities are called upon to take action as World Water Week opens in Stockholm. Tuesday 28 August 2018, Geneva, Switzerland –– Green Cross Sweden, with the support of Green Cross International, and along with Urbergsgruppen Grenna-Norra Kärr, denounces the current and proposed mining activities of Tasman Metals … Read more

Youth for a Green Future join 23rd Year of Therapy Camps for Children


Youths from the Green Cross therapeutic camps on stage in a play about the Earth Charter – the piece was shown in Uster, Winterthur, Zurich, Bern, Wimmis and Thun. Zurich, 25 July 2018 The fifth international therapeutic camp was launched this week, in parallel to annual therapeutic camps organised in several Green Cross partner countries. … Read more

Green Cross Burkina Faso elected to the board of the African Network on Water


Press Release – 11 June 2018 Green Cross Burkina Faso (GCBF) is proud to announce their election to the board of the African Network on Water (ANEW), a regional network of civil society organisations active in sustainable water management, water supply, and sanitation based in Nairobi, Kenya. ANEW’s mission is to mobilize and empower citizens … Read more

6.4MM endangered by uranium extraction


This report was originally posted on the Green Cross Switzerland website. Study on the irradiation of uranium mines: 6.4 million humans are endangered by the extraction of uranium. Zurich, 15 June 2018 In collaboration with Professor Jonathan Samet, dean of the Colorado School of Public Health, USA, Green Cross published the first study detailing the … Read more