Children’s art celebrated in Belarus

Green Cross continued its support for education and artistic expression with the 10th International Children’s Art Contest, “In My Homeland”, in Belarus. A jury of 13 artists, art educators and critics, including teachers from three countries, came together on 1 to 4 February to review 13,247 drawings submitted by school kids from 34 countries.

They nominated 74 young artists for first, second and third grade awards. Another 385 were recognized with international exhibition participant diplomas (their drawings will be presented at an international art exhibition this April), 370 received diplomas of recognition, and about 1,500 were given personal thank-you letters.

The contest was followed, on 6 and 7 February, by the 6th International Conference on Visual Education. About 200 art teachers, educators, critics, administrators, artists and magazine editors from five countries (Belarus, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia) took part. They held a very frank and open discussion about art, its current state in different countries, and ways to develop better approaches to education and cooperation. In particular, the event provided an opportunity to improve collaboration between art schools.

In addition to Green Cross, the event was supported by the Republican Centre for Environment and Local History and the MTOO union of art teachers.