Cleaning up Australia’s shores

In partnership with Green Cross Australia, primary schools across the Queensland region mobilized over 1,600 students, teachers, parents and volunteers in 2014 to join waste collection activities that truly made a difference.

This educational initiative, tied to Green Cross Australia’s environmental-diary school programme, was designed to stimulate related learning and behavior-change, beyond just picking up rubbish.

A lot of trash was indeed picked up, though. More than 200 rubbish bags were filled, and data entered into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database.

The kids participating through Environment Centres and Beach Schools were particularly enthusiastic, but in all 27 school groups participated in 53 clean-up events throughout Queensland.

Green Lane Clean Up was a partnership effort, building on four years of Green Lane Diary school participation and the expertise of Tangaroa Blue, which maintains the Marine Debris Database.

Go to Green Cross Australia’s website to learn more.